Contract. A contract shall be made between the Company and the Purchaser upon, receipt by the Company of an order placed (whether orally or in writing) by the Purchaser and thereupon the parties shall be bound. No modification of these conditions shall be binding upon the Company unless otherwise stipulated herein or agreed to in writing by someone duly authorised on behalf of the Company. No terms, conditions or warranties put forward by the Purchaser’s order or howsoever otherwise.
Price Variation. All the prices quoted shall be subject to market fluctuation and/or changes in basic national wage rates and cost of materials and components. Whilst every effort will be made to maintain prices quoted, the Company reserves the right to execute orders at published list prices ruling at time of delivery.
Payment. The Company may invoice for the goods when they are collected or delivered at the premises specified by the Purchaser. Invoices shall become due for the payment on receipt of invoice, without reduction of deferment on account the disputes of cross claims. If they are not so paid the Company may charge interest at the rate of 3% (per cent) above the current bank rate per annum.
Transfer of Property & Risk:-
a)  Ownership of the goods shall remain with the Company until the goods have been paid for in full, in accordance with the terms of this contract. If payment is overdue whether in whole or part the Company may, without
prejudice to any other right of remedy, recover the goods and resell the same and enter the Purchasers premises to retake possession of them for that purpose.
b) The risk in the goods shall pass to the Purchaser on delivery.
c) Satisfactory performance shall be deemed to have been accepted unless and to extent that in the case of dissatisfaction the Company is notified within 3 days from despatch and in the case of damage, the goods are signed for as damaged and the Company is notified within 3 days after delivery.
Delivery. The Company will arrange at the expense of the Purchaser for delivery of the goods by its own transport or by an independent carrier to such destination in the United Kingdom as has been notified to the Company by the Purchaser and shall invoice the Purchaser in respect of the cost of such carriage. The provisions of the above payment clause, in respect of the time of payment and the charging of interest shall also be applied to such an invoice. The Company reserves the right to deliver any goods in instalments.
Delivery Dates. The Company will endeavour to meet delivery dates but shall be under no liability of any kind if it fails to meet such dates whatever the cause of failure and whether such cause is under the Company’s control of not.
Consequential Loss. The Company shall not, in any circumstances, be liable to the Purchaser in respect of any
consequential loss (includes loss of profit) howsoever arising which the Purchaser may suffer by reason of any default by the Company except where such consequential or indirect loss or damage is caused by the wilful act or default by the Company it’s servants or agents.
Suspension. If the Purchaser defaults over payment of any sum under this agreement as and when it becomes due or
if the Purchaser is in breach in any respect of any other provisions herein contains the Company shall in addition to any and all other rights have the right with or without notice to suspend all further services and deliveries until the breach
is made good.
Force Majeure. If manufacture delivery of the goods or performance of services is delayed or hindered in any way by:
a) any Act of God or Government.
b) war (whether declared or not) invasion or other warlike actions.
c) any strike, lock-out other industrial action.
d) riot or any other civil disturbance or
e) and other events beyond the Company’s control then in any of those circumstances the Company may upon reasonable notice terminate or amend this contract in such manner as it shall think
Proper Law. The proper law of the contract shall be English. The Purchaser submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts of Law.
Value Added Tax. All prices quoted are subject to the addition of Value Added Tax at the appropriate rate ruling at the tax point for these supplies